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Application Template

Post by Kalosis on Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:13 pm

In order to become a member of Kalosis, you must create an application. This is done by copying the following text and going to the Applications section and clicking "New Topic".

The title of your topic should be your username with the number of times you have applied for Kalosis (including your current application).

Example: Kalosis #1

1. PB2 Username:

1b. New Kalosis Identity:

2. PB2 Profile Link:

3. List of alternate accounts with profile links:

4. Total Time Playing PB2:

5. Kill/Death Ratio:

6. Level Developer Rank:

7. Are you currently in a clan?

8. What clans have you been in before?

9. Why did you join those clans?

10. How did you find the forums?

11. Why do you want to join Kalosis?

12. [Important] What can you contribute to the clan?

13. [Important] Have you 1v1ed a Member yet?

14. How active are you (Plazma Burst 2, Discord, Forumotion)?

15. What server do you play in and what is your ping in that server?

16. Country of residence:

17. Are you applying for Member or Trial Member?

18. Extra comments/questions:

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