Minimum Requirements

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Minimum Requirements

Post by Kalosis on Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:27 pm

The following is a list of minimum requirements to join Kalosis. Meeting these simple requirements is the only way of ensuring that you have the greatest possible chance of being accepted.

At least a 1.0 kdr
Beat one of the members in a 1v1

If you do not meet these requirements and you still want to join, then you can be a part of the Sons of Kalosis Program. Apply in the Trial Member field and you will be trained until you meet all of these. The only requirement that is a must is being Clanless. Complete devotion to the clan and no other is what shows loyalty, and our members are 100% loyal representatives of Kalosis.

Note: Trial Members must wear the Sons of Kalosis tag until they are a full member.

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